On November 8, the US presidential election will be held. The outcome of this contest will have a significant impact on the global economy, the security of the United States and the world. The main contender for the Republican nomination is Donald Trump, who is considered the most electable candidate.

The candidate has repeatedly stated that he would like to make America great again. He has repeatedly promised to build a wall on the Mexican border and to ban all Muslims from entering the country. He also promised to deport all illegal immigrants and to close the “criminal” loopholes that allow criminals to avoid punishment.
However, despite the fact that the candidate has a large number of supporters, many analysts have already noted that he is not able to win the nomination. In particular, the candidate’s lack of experience and the fact he is a controversial figure have been the main reasons for the lack of trust in him.
The choice to make is clear: the candidate should either abandon his candidacy or he should speak out. The choice of whether to speak or not is a decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the future of the country and the global situation.
In the current campaign, the candidates have the following advantages:
1. The candidates have a large amount of experience. The candidates are able to make a good impression on the audience and, in particular, on the voters.
2. The candidate has already managed to win a number of primaries. This fact allows him to make an effective use of the media.
3. Many candidates have already won the nomination of the party of their leader. This allows them to make effective use not only of the support of the leaders, but also of the popular support.
4. There is a large quantity of candidates. This makes it possible to choose the most appropriate for each candidate. This is another advantage of the current situation. It is important to note that the candidates are not only able to speak, but they are also able to do their best.
It is important for the candidates to choose their words carefully, because if they speak too much, it will be easy to lose the trust of the audience.
Will Donald Trump Win the Republican Nomination?
The current campaign is very important for both the candidates and for the country, because it will determine the future course of events in the United State. The current situation is very unstable, so it is very difficult to predict the future.
At the moment, the main contenders for the nomination are:
* Ted Cruz;
* John Kasich;
* Marco Rubio;
5. Ben Carson.
All of them are considered to be the most suitable candidates for the job. However, it is important not to forget about the other candidates, who are also very popular.
Of course, the most obvious candidate for the position of the Republican candidate is Donald J. Trump. He is the only candidate who is able to unite the country behind him. However he has a number disadvantages. Among others, he is:
• Not a real billionaire;
• He is not a real politician;
6. He is a very controversial figure, which is another disadvantage.
For this reason, many people are not sure about his chances of winning the nomination, and they are not the only ones.
What are the advantages of speaking out against Trump?
It has become much easier to make the choice to oppose Trump. The candidate himself has already done it. He did not just say that he will not be the Republican nominee, but he also said that he did not want to be a candidate. However it is now much easier for him to do this.
Many people have already made the decision to oppose him. They have already decided to do it, because they have already noticed the advantages that he has over the other competitors.
Among the advantages are: 1. His experience. He knows how to make himself understood. He understands what the public wants, so he knows how he should talk to them.
* He is able not to be criticized for the fact there are many other candidates.
This is another important advantage.
He has a good understanding of the situation in the country of the USA. He was able to understand the situation very well, because he was there for a long time.
Another advantage is his ability to speak in a simple and clear way. This will help him to be understood by the audience, which will be very important in the current context.
Is it Possible to Stop Trump’’?
There is a great deal of doubt in the minds of many people that it is possible to stop Trump from winning the Republican primary. However this is not the case. It has already been proven that the Republican candidates are very strong, and it is extremely difficult to stop them. However there are a number advantages that can help the candidates. Among them are: 1. The ability to use the media effectively. The media is very active in the US, and this is another reason for the effectiveness of the candidates’ campaign.
They have the opportunity to make their own comments and to make statements that will be understood.
Moreover, it has already become much more easy to make comments on the Internet. This has already helped the candidates a lot.

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