The position of the goalkeeper in the field is a key one, because it is here that the fate of the match depends on the ability of the player to make a save. The goalkeeper is the last line of defence, so it is his responsibility to make the best possible decision in each situation.
The history of the position of goalkeeper in football is rich with memorable moments. The list of the best goalkeepers of all time can be seen on the website of sports statistics.
1. Gianfranco Zola
The Italian goalkeeper was the best in his position for many years. He was the first to demonstrate the ability to make accurate saves, and he was also one of the main contenders for the title of the world’s best goalkeeper.
Zola was born on August 18, 1932 in the small town of Brescia. He started his career as a goalkeeper, but after a few years he was promoted to the position. He became the best goalkeeper of Italy, and in the next season he was the champion of Italy.

In the following season, he was not the best, but he was able to get into the list of top-3 goalkeepers. In the next year, he won the title again. In 1974, he became the champion again, but this time it was not for long. He lost the title to the young Gianluigi Buffon.
In 1977, he lost the championship to the Italian goalkeeper, Franco Baresi. In 1978, he again lost the champion title to Baresia, but in the following year he won it.
2. Gianluco Zenden
In 1990, the position was taken by Gianluo Zendan, who was the third goalkeeper of the team. He played for the team for a long time, and after the departure of the legendary Gianfilippo Simeoni, he played for a few seasons.
He was the top goalkeeper of Serie A for several seasons, but the team did not win the title. He also played for several clubs, but most notably for Juventus.
After the departure from the team of the head coach, he left the team, and then he played with the team “Juventus”.
3. Gianluca Pagliuca
In 1992, the team was led by the legendary coach, Gennaro Gattuso. Pagliuc was the second goalkeeper of Gattini, and the team won the championship.
However, after the season, Gattino left the club. Pagluca was the fourth goalkeeper of Juventus, and was the team’ goalkeeper for many seasons. He won the champion in 1996.
4. Gian Marco
In 1996, the club led by Gennarino Dal Cego was called “Milan”, and Gian Marco was the goalkeeper of this team. The club won the Champions League three times, and won the European Cup once.
During the 1990s, the goalkeeper was one of only two players who played for Juventus, the other being Marco Materazzi.
5. Gian Piero Gasperini
In 1997, the “Inter” was led again by Gattina, and Gasperin was the number one goalkeeper of “Fiorentina” for several years.
At the beginning of the 2000s, he started to play for “Brescia” and was one the best players of the club for several championships.
6. Gianpaolo Zola, Gianlorenzo Buffon
In 2002, the head of the ‘Inter’, Gianpaola Zola decided to leave the team and move to “Napoli” to play. Buffon was the new goalkeeper of Inter, and became the second best goalkeeper in Italy. He is also the second Italian goalkeeper. He had a successful career, and is considered to be one of Italy’ best players.
7. Gianco Buffon, Gianluvo Rossi
In 2006, the legendary goalkeeper, Gianco, decided to move to the ”Juventus “. He joined the team in 2007, and it was the same year that he won his second Champions League title.
Also in the same season, the Italian Cup was won, and Buffon became the most valuable player of the championship of Italy for the second time.
8. Gian Maria De Ligt
In 2007, the coach of the Italian team, Fabio Cannavaro, decided that the goalkeeper, De Ligue, would leave the club, and would play for the ’Juventus.
This decision was the right one, as the team had problems with the goalkeeper. In 2008, the season of the Champions Cup, the player of ‘Juventus, Delegatto’ became the top scorer of the tournament.
9. Gianpiero Scelsi
In 2009, the new head of ”Inter“, Antonio Conte, decided not to renew the contract of the number 2 goalkeeper, Scelsis, who had left the „Juventus”.
In 2010, the number 1 goalkeeper, Buffon left the position, and this decision was not followed by the club’ coach.

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