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The club of Allegri has been in the Champions League for more than a decade. The team of the head coach has won the trophy for the first time in the history of the tournament. The victory of Juventus was especially impressive, because it was the first triumph of the team of Maurizio Sarri in the domestic arena.
The game of Borussia was very intense, and the score of the match was even at the end of the first half. The score was 3:3, but the fans of the club were not satisfied with the result.
Borussia Dortmund – Juventus live score
The fans of Juventus and Borussia were not happy with the score, because the team was not able to achieve the desired result. The game of both teams ended with a score of 3:0. The fans of Borussias were not pleased with the outcome of the Champions league, because they did not have a chance to win the title.
However, the team managed to win another trophy. The result of the victory of the Bumblebees was even more impressive. The club of the coach managed to get the victory in the Europa League.
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Advantages of watching Juventus – Bumblebee live score on your computer
The Juventus – Dortmund game is one of the most intense games in the Serie a. The match ended with the victory for the team, and it was a great success. The players of the Juventus managed to score three goals in the first 90 minutes. The first goal was scored by Mario Mandzukic. The second goal was also scored by Mandzuka. The third goal was completed by the player of the squad of the Italian coach.
It is also worth noting that Juventus managed not to lose points in the match. The results of the matches of the championship of Italy are not always the best, but in this case the team from Turin was able to get a positive result. You will not miss anything important from the livescores of the fight between the teams.
In the first part of the season, Juventus had a good result. It was possible to get into the Champions Cup zone. The main goal of the players of Juventus is to get to the Champions club. The success of the national team of Italy is also important for the club.
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Live scores of matches of other Italian teams
The season of Serie a has already ended, but there are still a lot of matches ahead. The matches of Serie A are very intense. The clubs of the top-5 of the standings fight for the title of the strongest.
Among the top 5, there are only a few clubs that can be considered as the favorites of the entire tournament. Among them are:
* Milan;
* Inter;
* Juventus;
* Napoli.
These clubs are the main contenders for the victory. The performance of the clubs in the tournament is not always stable. In the last season, Napoli was the most successful club of Italy. The previous season, the club of Antonio Conte was in the top 4.
Now, the players from Napoli have to play with the team that has a new coach. The coach of the Napoli is Paulo Sousa. The player of Soussa is a good goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the player is the best in Italy. He is also the best goalkeeper in the world.
Napoli – Juventus – Inter live scores
The team of Sosa managed to achieve a good performance in the season of the European cups. The Napoli played with Juventus, and they managed to finish in the second position of the table.
This is a great result for the Napolitan club. Now, the coach of Juventus has to play against the coach who has a good experience in the Italian championship. The last season of Juventus showed that the team can not be considered a contender for the champion title. However, the results were not bad, and now the players are ready to fight for gold medals.
At the moment, the Napolitans are in a good shape. The squad of Soso is a real force. The leader of the group is the goalkeeper of Juventus, Marco Storari. The Italian player is also a good defender.
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Juventus and Inter in the fight for a place in the elite
The fight for places in the European zone is still going on.

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