The summer transfer campaign has been quite eventful for the Red Devils. Zlatane was one of the main stars of the campaign, but it was also the departure of several players that caused the team’s problems.
The main transfer that caused a lot of problems was the acquisition of the Belgian striker Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman left the club for a huge amount of money, but the Red devils were not ready to pay such a high price for him.
After the departure, the team was not able to perform at the same level as it had in the previous season. It is not clear what the reasons are for this, but we can only guess.
In the first half of the season, the Red team was very strong, but in the second half of it, it started to lose points. This is not a good sign for the team, and it is clear that the club needs to do something to rectify the situation.
It is also worth noting that the team has not been in the Champions League for a long time, so it is not surprising that it is losing points in the domestic arena.
Will the Red squad be able to compete with the main favorites of the tournament?
The Red team has a good chance to compete against the main clubs of the Champions league, but there are still a lot to be done.
First of all, the club must improve its results in the international arena. The Red team is not ready for the Champions Cup, where it will have to play against the favorites of this tournament.
Another problem for the club is the fact that it has not had a long bench. This means that the players have to be ready to play in the starting lineup, which is not always the case.
This summer, the main transfer of the Red was the signing of the young Belgian striker, Antoine. The club paid a huge price for this player, but he is a good addition to the team.

However, the problem is that the Red can not afford to lose the player, as he is one of their main stars.
Who will be the main competitors of the team in the fight for the title?
At the moment, the most obvious competitor of the Royal club is Barcelona. The Catalans have a good lineup, and they have a number of players who can be considered as leaders of the club.
However the club has not yet been able to demonstrate its full potential. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The team has been in a long winning streak, and this is not the first time that the fans have been disappointed by the club’s performance.
Despite the fact, that the Catalans are not the strongest team in La Liga, they are still the main contenders for the champion title.
What are the main chances of the Catalons for the next season?
Barcelona has a number advantages that can be used to its advantage. First of all is the strength of the squad. The current season, Barcelona has a lineup that is more than capable of winning the Champions cup.
Secondly, the Catalonians have a well-known coach. Pep Guardiola has been the coach of the Spanish national team for a number years, and he has managed to build a strong team that can compete against any club in the world.
Last but not least, the Catalan club has a large amount of players that can easily be replaced. This can be done in a number ways. For example, the players can be sold, or the club can sell its assets.
Barça has a lot at its disposal, and the team is ready to do its best to win the champion’s cup. The only thing that is needed for the Catalonian team to win is to have a strong bench.
Where can fans follow the game of the Catalan team?
Fans of the Barcelona can follow the team’s games on the website of sports statistics. The information about the team can be found in the section of the results. The site of sports statistical has a special section for the Catalan championship.
Here, fans will find the results of the games of the players of the Barca, as well as the statistics of the matches of other teams.
Fans can follow all the results and the statistics on the site of the sports statistics, which provides information about a number matches of the teams of the La Liga.
How to follow the results on the sports statistical website?
It’ll be very easy to follow all results of Barcelona on the home page of the site. Here, fans can find the schedule of the upcoming games, as the club will play in a tournament. The next matches of Barcelona will be against:
* Real;
* Sevilla;
* Valencia;
* Getafe.
All results of these matches will be available to fans on the main page of this website.
At this stage, the first matches of Barca are already being played, and fans can follow them on the section “Results”.
You can also find the section “Championship” on the homepage of the website. Here you will find all the information about La Liga matches, as for example the results, the schedule, and other information about this championship. The section “Results” is located at the top of the page.

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